Publsih Your Own Work

Are rejection letters keeping you from being published? Why?

Old_book_bindingsWith the ease and popularity of self-publishing there is no reason you can’t put your book out there for the world to read.

In this article I will provide some helpful information to help you get your book published.

Okay you have written your book and edited your book. It is perfect; ready to publish. So now what? Now you publish. With the use of Amazon, Smashwords or any other self-publishing company you decide to use it is easier than ever to self-publish. These sites help you with formatting, cover designs, ISBNs, and even marketing. Self-publishing sites offer these services because if you sell books and make money then they make money. So take full advantage of these services. I do.

When I published my debut novel I used a printing company to print my books, I hired a cover designer, I hired a high priced editor, I purchased expensive ISBNs. All in all, my debut novel cost me around $2500 for all of these services and 100 copies. That didn’t include any type of distribution; all I had out there was that 100 copies and they were all sold locally (usually at book signings). I wrote and published a second novel for around the same price and still no real distribution. Then I got smart. I used Amazon to publish my third novel, fourth novel, two short stories and two children’s books. I was able to get these published for a fraction of the cost and available to millions of people. Through writer connections I found very good reasonably priced editors. I also discovered stock photos, which I used for professionally looking cover designs created using Amazon’s Create Space. I was able to purchase ISBNs through Create Space for a fraction of the price. I used Create Space to publish in paperback and on Kindle. And BAM!! I had a book published for around $400 for the services and 100 copies of my book plus I had my book available online through Amazon in paperback and in Kindle formats.

So my friend, if you are waiting on a publishing company to send you that golden letter; stop waiting. If you wrote that book then you are definitely smart enough to publish that book yourself.

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