The Messenger by Stefan Allen & Jerry Sword


Deep within the walls of a forgotten monastery in Belgrade lies a secret that has been tucked away for centuries. It is a secret men will both kill and die for.

While millions throughout the world have revered the Shroud of Turin as the authentic piece of linen that wrapped the body of Christ, one man stumbles upon as undeniable truth that will ultimately end in the final epic battle between good and evil. This masterfully written first installment of the Chronicles Of The Shroud series will keep you turning pages until the very end.

The beginning …of the end…of days.

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My Review

The Messenger is the first installment of The Chronicles of the Shroud series by Stefan Allen and Jerry Sword. It is a riveting book that explores the possibilities in which the second coming of Christ will ensue. The story surrounds the search for the Shroud of Turin by the several different characters and the lives of the characters that are searching for the Shroud.

The Messenger includes everything in it to make an excellent book. The story line is enthralling and keeps the reader on the edge of their set until the very last page, and then it leaves them wanting more.  There were so many unanswered questions and so many possibilities for the characters that were left open leaving the reader wondering what would follow in the next book.

The characters are well developed and show great depth; the reader feels as if they know these characters personally. The dialog and the relationships between the characters were amazing and dynamic. The history and the location are wonderfully accurate. This aspect makes the story more believable.

If you believe in miracles and trust in science this book was written for you.  This was a wonderful first book and I cannot wait for the next installment.

About the Authors


Stefan Allen

Stefan T. Allen is the pen name of a man who has spent almost 20 years in education (secondary and university).  He has worked on four continents and visited 54 countries.  Currently he lives on a boat in eastern NC.  He writes short stories and poetry.  He reads profusely and enjoys watching the sun set with a glass of wine and sitting on the top of his boat.


Jerry Sword

Jerry Sword is a songwriter, filmmaker, and author from Virginia. His works have been featured in motion pictures as well as independent features. He currently resides and continues writing in a small Virginia town.

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