The Charlatan’s Crown by Amy Lignor



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Title: The Charlatan’s Crown

Series: Tallent & Lowery

Author: Amy Lignor

Publisher: Suspense Publishing

Formats Available In: Digital and Print

Publication Date: MARCH 2014

Blurb: Fans across the globe jumped on board when the ‘best action/adventure tale since Indiana Jones’ arrived. In 13, the puzzle that no one could solve was revealed, and led everyone to race to their computers in order to discover how on earth this incredible author figured it all out…

In The Sapphire Storm, Leah Tallent & Gareth Lowery took on a new case – a spider web of evil and deceit that would have them piecing together a mystery that began in an old London college; an institution that harbored secrets of a fraudulent author the world still celebrates today, and connected that man to a strange shop in Cairo…exposing the real story of a legend that all knew but no one could ever solve…

In The Hero’s Companion, Tallent & Lowery were given seven days to figure out a puzzle of mammoth proportions in order to save the father Leah dearly loved. But as the web unfolded from Athens to Cleopatra’s Mines, more secrets erupted of a personal life Leah knew nothing about, and unveiled an evil man who wants nothing more than to destroy the Tallent & Lowery team in order to bring back an army that was the worst the world ever saw…

NOW, Tallent & Lowery are headed into a castle that serves tourists every day in order to make their way through a maze to find the parent Leah never even knew existed. She and Gareth will reveal secrets that were embedded in the Third Reich’s reign – secrets that date back to a time far before the evil Hitler had attempted to reign.


Reviewers and Fans Agree: Tallent & Lowery is Action/Adventure/Romance/Suspense – GOLD!

“Snappy dialogue, fast pacing and attention to detail complete the formula for this successful novel!!” 4 ½ Stars (RT Rating)Romantic Times


“Amy Lignor is a truly amazing and gifted author. Tallent & Lowery “13” immediately grabs the attention of the reader. Infused with emotion and “edge of your seat” adventures, the spider web of this plot is entirely believable!”Mad Hatter Reads


Fact: Amy Lignor ROCKS! I absolutely adored 13! I loved the smart plot and how cleverly it unfolds. The originality of it all is breathtaking – I could NOT stop reading!Literary Circle


“Indiana Jones meets DaVinci Code!!! Amy produces a book with locations, plots, webs of deceit interwoven perfectly! Escape the drab, dull books with THIS series!!! Massive THUMBS UP.  — ROMCOM


“Get ready for a thrill ride with Amy Lignor’s “13” – the Tallent & Lowery adventure series! Sharp writing, witty dialogue, and a quest that rivals everything you have EVER read!”Susan Fleet, author of “Natalie’s Revenge”


“Amy Lignor’s storylines are AMAZING!”Tiffany’s Bookshelf


“A flat-out, slam-dunk, no-questions-asked-terrific-adventure. Try not to turn the pages too fast because the wonderfully complex characters deserve your time! This is truly a magical story that had me in its thrall from the very first page. It’s so exciting to discover a new talent like Lignor and have more books to look forward to.”International Bestseller, M.J. Rose


“Full of mystery, wrapped up in just enough historical fact to make it all seem so real, and with plenty of sizzle between the two main characters, “The Sapphire Storm” is a definite winner!”Ellen Feld, The Feathered Quill


“This masterfully told page turner is fresh, innovative, descriptive, and intense but I must warn you, prepare to stay up late because it’s not a story you can easily put down. I was blown away by Ms. Lignor’s knowledge and imagination and can’t wait to see what she comes up with next. I want more!!!!”Cat Kalen, author of the RT’s ‘Top Pick’ Pride Series


“After the brilliance of “13,” book one in the series, it would take a jewel to outshine it. Amy Lignor finds that jewel with “The Sapphire Storm.” It is a storm of brilliant writing and amazing characters. I cannot wait for the next installment of the Tallent & Lowery series. Encore!”J.M. LeDuc, author of “Cursed Days”


The Big Thrill Magazine Feature (November Issue)



About Amy Lignor:

The daughter of a career librarian, Amy Lignor’s first love has always been books. She began her career in publishing as the Editor-in-Chief of Grey House Publishing. Working in the industry for twenty years, she is now the Owner/Operator of ‘The Write Companion’, an editorial house offering authors a range of services.

Appointed the Editor-in-Chief of a brand new traditional publisher–Hallowed Ink Press–Amy somehow finds the time to do it all while still putting out the most amazing series that has received every ‘Top Pick’ readers can think of!

Her popular YA Series: The Angel Chronicles (Until Next Time, Gilded Wings & A Privilege), introduced her to fans who now wait with bated breath for the next ‘Tallent & Lowery’ suspense/thriller to arrive.

Inducted into the International Thriller Writers Organization, Amy is also a writer/contributor for various magazines, companies, and review organizations; Authorlink, The Feathered Quill, Suspense Magazine and more.





Check Out Amy Lignor’s HIT YA Series at:

The Angel Chronicles website
The Angel Chronicles Facebook page

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Guest Blog

Every Writer Has Their Journey

Everyone asks an author how their journey began. Believe it or not, my writing ‘dream’ became a mission for me when my parents, sister and I went on vacation to Cape Cod and stayed with friends of my mom’s. This was one of those vacations where Folsom Prison would’ve seemed like paradise. The little ladies we stayed with had a house with some truly odd rules. One of which was, when their cat went “nightsie,” all lights, talking, TV – everything – had to stop so as not to disturb the kitty.

These ladies would take us into ‘town’ driving three miles an hour, blaring their horn at the pedestrians in the crosswalk (even though they had the right of way), while my sister and I were locked in the back of a station wagon with faces pressed up against the glass. (This is the first time we learned what a rat in a cage really felt like). Drivers following us must’ve thought we were puppies going to get fixed, considering the looks of pure desperation we had on our faces. And because TV and ‘normal life’ was unavailable there, I began to write. It was a fairly large book for a kid called, My Life:  A Comedy and a Tragedy.

In my freshman year of high school, a writing assignment came along from our history teacher about Nicholas II & Alexandra. I was the only one who wrote about Rasputin (who actually earned a very large role in some of the later Tallent & Lowery novels).The teacher loved it and told me to become a writer. She was so cute; four-foot-two, hair that hung to the floor, and a voice that was louder than Lady Ga Ga stuck in a blender. I will never forget her support.

I went on to write my first YA novel after I brought a stunning little girl into the world named Shelby. And one day the open road called; Shelby and I were way too tired of living in our extremely small, boring hometown and, after a very funny incident that I can’t tell you about because of word count (LOL), we fled.

I went back to my historical routes and delved into a subject that hadn’t been touched on before, concerning a woman by the name of Paulita Maxwell who was said to have been the mother of Billy the Kid’s son. Moving to New Mexico to research the project, the romance, Heart of a Legend was born.

When my father was taken away from us far too soon I began thinking about angels, and what life was like ‘up there’ versus down here. Would an angel/warrior ‘team’ be able to survive humanity, while fighting for the ones who needed them and still save each other all at the same time? The Angel Chronicles answered those questions for me.

Tallent & Lowery, however, was the big ‘dream’ the opened doors for me. I love putting puzzles together from history, and with the first book, 13, I found a way to link the NYPL with Jack the Ripper, Loch Ness, and the King Arthur legend – which was a whole lot of fun. After that…every single puzzle since has been a true thrill-ride for me as much as they are for the fans.

In the end, I always feel so privileged that these characters have become my friends…and I will always owe my entire journey to a kitty that had to go “nightsie.”

Until Next Time, Everybody,


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