Stains on the Soul by Jamie White


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AUTHOR Jamie White


About the Author


I’m an author, blogger, photo geek, music addict, editor, pop culture geek, and a pet servant who spent more than a decade as a Journalism student, geeking out over Pagemaker, layout design, and other stuff.

In college, I took it a step further and became the only student to be on all three of my college’s publications, serving as Editor-In-Chief for two of them. Later, I went on to freelance writing and blogging.I began my journey into fiction writing in 2010, after joining a writing group. Since that first meeting, I have completed a bunch of short stories, five manuscripts, and have a few now in progress. I releasedThe Life and Times of No One In Particular in 2012, and followed it up with a story in the Lyrical Muse Anthology in 2013. I am looking forward to another release this year. When I’m not writing or blogging, I take pictures, meditate, practice Reiki and chanting, watch favorite shows/movies, take walks, and serve as a volunteer for the Florida Writers

Association by running their social media and a writing group (Gulfstream Writers). I also co- host the Indie Review Behind the Scenes radio show with founder Michelle Cornwell-Jordan.

About Stains on the Soul


It’s her last summer before going away to college and Fiona finds herself facing more than she bargained for: A boyfriend she doesn’t want who has a strange hold over her, a friend pushing her to expand her boundaries, and a new guy named Ted whose presence is more than a distraction.

If that isn’t enough, Fiona is being haunted with horrifying nightmares of burning at the stake— nightmares so real, she feels as though she’s losing her mid.

Are they only dreams, or are they trying to warn her about this new guy she can’t help but want?

Stains On The Soul (Pagan Writers Press)

By Jamie White

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Guest Blog

Behind the Themes: Stains on the Soul

Jamie White


As I have mentioned elsewhere, a dream sparked the beginning of Stains on the Soul. The image or a young woman burning at the stake stuck with me and I couldn’t let it go. Still there is more to the book than that and much of it came from my interest in New Age and spiritual topics. Here are a few and what inspired working them into the story…

1) Reincarnation. I’ve been interested in this topic even before I was actually exposed to it. I’m not sure where that came from, but I remember standing in a grocery store once when I was about 11 or 12 years old when the thought I’ve had another life besides this one came with such a force it shook me. I felt it down to the core of my being and it scared the daylights out of me–something I worked into the story. I began reading more about the subject years later and came across the tern “cell memory” (the idea that our bodies carry our pasts deep within our cells), I couldn’t resist playing with the idea.

2) Dreams. I’ve had some interesting experiences with them and, knowing they are windows into our subconscious, I couldn’t leave them out. Especially seeing as how they can tell the future at times–something I know first-hand.

3) Meditation. This is something I got into a little over a decade ago and I’ve had some great experiences with it. The practice or meditation is said to open up our minds and connect us to Spirit, not to mention our own intuition. As Fiona delves deeper into the dreams haunting her, she turns to meditation to help her make sense of everything.

Have you had any first-hand experiences with any of these topics? If so, what were they? What have you learned from them? I’d love to hear about it.

Tour Schedule

Tour Schedule

(Premium Promotion) January 06th-10th

Jan. 06th Book Chat w/ Host Michelle Cornwell-Jordan on IndieReview Behind The Scenes Internet radio- Link: IndieReview Behind The Scenes Internet Radio –

Jan. 07th Spotlight Post on Giazzworld (Author Gia Volterra de Saulnier ) Link: GiazzWorld-

Jan. 08th Guest Post Promo on Ronda’s Book reviews (Author Ronda Caudill) Link: Ronda’s Book Reviews-

Jan. 09th Guest Post on IndieWritersReview (Author Michelle Cornwell Jordan) Link:IndieWritersReview-

Jan. 10th Video Chat aired on Black Flag TV Black Flag TV-

Jan. 10th Ten Minute Twitter View chat w/ Host Michelle Cornwell-Jordan- Tweetchat Room for Author Jamie White! Click to join Tweet Chat w/ Author Jamie White (Maverick Promotions) ***You must be signed into Twitter to join/view chat***-

Jan. 11th Radio Interview at Author Chat w/ Lynda D. Brown Sat. Jan 11th @ 4-4:30 Author Chat Segment-



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  1. Thanks so much Ronda for hosting!:O)

  2. burtmorgret

    Looks like a good read 🙂
    Great Post

  3. Thanks for the feature, Ronda! And glad you enjoyed the post, Burtmorgret. 🙂

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