Trail Swap by Michele M. Reynolds

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Swap and Farryn search for direction in their lives. Swap throws a pack on her back and heads north on the Appalachian Trail. She is nursing a recent love loss, and is trying desperately not to fall for anyone on this trip. On the journey she runs into memorable fellow hikers Leavalot, Turtle, Average Joe, and Evil Jesus. The townies she runs into are equally memorable and she puts her life in their hands with each hitch. Farryn travels south and is Florida bound. Her road blocks are in the form of a little bad luck, love interests, a tractor, a 10 year old boy, and southern charm.

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About the Author


Michele M. Reynolds (1974- )is an Indie Author of books Trail Swap, Off-Trail, Tunnel WShe is creator of the a blog Writer + Wilderness Girl Under It All ( Her writing can be characterized as witty, humorous, and entertaining.


She grew-up in New Jersey, and has lived in Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina, and currently resides inWestern Massachusetts. She enjoys the wilderness and spent four unique years living in the woods with at-risk youth. She enjoys hiking, camping, reading, writing, spending time with her family and dog Cali. Her creative bug is at work all day and night building more characters and stories.


Her blog Writer + Wilderness Girl Under It All comes from her love of writing and her roots of working and living in the woods for some years after college. Frequently, she leans towards a life of simplicity, and dreams of living back in a tent constructed of pine tree uprights, ridge poles, side-rails, rafters, and a thick yellow tarp.

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