Forbidden Fruit by Ronda L. Caudill

I am thrilled to introduce my newly released book, Forbidden Fruit.

Jack the ripper invered cover


Forget everything you thought you knew about Jack the Ripper.


Forbidden Fruit is a twisted tale about Jack the Ripper. The murderer dubbed Jack the Ripper prays on women of the night but is anyone really safe from the Ripper’s blade. This exciting twisted tale will keep you on the edge of your seat. You will be amazed at who Jack the Ripper really is.


Purchase Link: Forbidden Fruit


Check out the Forbidden Fruit trailer on youtube.


The poor woman’s stomach was split completely open to expose the yellow fat beneath the skin. Her skin was pulled back, and most of her organs were ripped out and scattered closely about the body. The rib bones were exposed, chipped from being hacked by a sharp knife. The corpse was drenched in blood. There was blood spattered all over the kitchen, and a butcher’s knife lay in a pool of crimson beside the lifeless body. The scene was horrific. Even Doctor Wellington, accustomed to disturbing sights, was horrified.



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