Black Willow (The Breachers, Novella #1) by Evan Bollinger

black willow book cover

It has been 12 years since they last saw it. 12 years… and now it wants them back. Jack Green, an overworked corporate puppet, wants nothing more than to forget. But school teacher Brianna Mulner is curious. She wonders why they’ve been gifted–chosen. And for the awkward Chris ‘Kermie’ Karmen, the primal scream from the dark woods cannot be ignored.

It has been 12 years since they last saw it. The monster of Willow Park is calling…

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My Review

Black Willow by Evan Bollinger is an eerie and very creepy short story. The three main characters: Jack, Kermie and Brianna are very well developed and the storyline is wonderfully crafted.  This story really keeps the reader on edge and is exciting from beginning to end.

The way that this author writes the story makes the reader feel like they are actually with these three characters when they return to Willow Park to satisfy a morbid curiosity about creatures that they had encountered twelve years earlier.

I would liken Black Willow to a Stephen King novel. It is twisted and frightening. I would definitely give this story 5 stars. I would highly recommend Black Willow.


Evan Bollinger

Evan Bollinger grew up in the northeastern United States and was a pretty normal kid by most accounts. He was generally nice, rarely went to extremes, and pretty much did his best to ‘keep the peace.’ Evan had an obsession with a stuffed brown bear which he creatively named “brown bear,” and spent most of his childhood talking to him–that is, when Evan was not, of course, digging for earthworms.
       As time passed, Evan’s stomach got bigger and his appetites for other ventures grew as well. He became hopelessly ensnared in his passion for writing, in the face of all practical impediments. He enjoyed the freedom to escape whatever world he was in, to shoot off into the sky. Evan equally enjoyed reading.

As of now, Evan have degrees in English and Psychology from Dickinson College. He currently spends his time in the education system, working odd-jobs, and writing. Evan is the author of a variety of books.  Evan also pens under the name, E Ballz, and has produced  one highly irreverent self-help satire.

Under Evan Bollinger
The Followers 
Black Willow 
Death Spin 
Words Kill Me
Parking Lot Kings

Under E Ballz
Shit Ain’t Perfect

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