XTC A Lola Avocado Novel by MD Martin

I am so excited to let everyone know about a wonderfully funny novel I just read, XTC A Lola Avocado Novel

by MD Martin.

XTC pic


Witty, wisecracking Lola Avocado is content with her life. She works for a good company, even if her mother disapproves of the products they sell. She lives in a converted firehouse and has a tight circle of friends and family. You could say things have been going pretty good for Lola that is until Jamie Jones blows back in to town and throws her orderly life in to complete chaos.
With his snappy comebacks, sexy hazel green eyes, and fingers faster than a lizards tongue James “Jamie” Jones knows how to make Lola do exactly what he wants. Even if what he wants right now is for her to team up with an FBI agent to bring down an embezzler that has been stealing from the company.
Now Lola is torn between two men and being stalked by a third. Join her in this hilarious romp through the cubicles of XTC Toys Unlimited as she works to bring down her ex-boyfriend George Hamilton while trying to decide between the man she left at the altar or Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome. Filled with drunken karaoke, Drag Queens, racy underwear, and the holy grail of all shoes – the Money Python – XTC is a sure bet to tickle your funny bone and keep you coming back for more.

My Review:

XTC A Lola Avocado Novel by MD Martin is a wonderful novel. The story is based on the character, Lola Avocado, who works for a sex toy business. She does some pretty off the wall things and makes some pretty bad decisions. Lola has really terrible luck—anything bad that could happen will happen to her. But she takes it all in stride. Lola is hilarious and you just want to be friends with her. All of the characters in this novel are so vivid and the descriptions are marvelous. The reader feels as if they know these characters. However, the story is not all fun and games, it has quite a bit of drama to it as well. I could so see this novel becoming Lifetime movie.  This is not the type of book we are used to seeing from MD Martin, but it really works. She did an outstanding job. I strongly recommend this book. I hope to see more of Lola in the future.

You can find XTC on Amazon  http://www.amazon.com/XTC-Lola-Avocado-Novel-ebook/dp/B00BJCFGPM/ref=la_B008RX9V7A_1_10?ie=UTF8&qid=1361649643&sr=1-10


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