Author Steven Applegate

Author Steven Applegate was born and raised in Bedford, Ohio. He now resides in Damascus, Virginia where his upcoming book, Floyd’s Broom, is based. Steven was a Christian songwriter but now writes spiritual based novels.

I had the pleasure of reading Floyd’s Broom pre-publication. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I must say that Floyd’s Broom was a very interesting story. It was a very unique book that utilized real people from Steven’s life and community. This story was filled with Wizard of Oz references, which I found very unique and very enjoyable. Some of these references were the Scarlet Kingdom instead of the Emerald City, the yellow brick fireplace, and the witch being the priest when Vance went to the Scarlet Kingdom. I also found the references to the Pink Floyd songs very enjoyable. I am a huge Pink Floyd fan. Not to give away any spoilers but the twist regarding Tory was very interesting. The entire love affair between Vance and Abby was sweet; it really made the story. Even though this wasn’t the type of book I that I typically read, it kept me very interested—enough so that I read it in a matter of 5 hours. It pulls in the reader in from the first page and holds them until the very last page. It leaves the reader wanting more. I hope there is a sequel to Floyd’s Broom. If there is I will definitely read it. Overall, I think Steven has a winner with Floyd’s Broom.

Be sure to check out Steven Applegate’s debut book, Candy in Paradise, available on Amazon.

Book blur for Candy in Paradise:

“Palestinian boys are being gathered in Medina, Ohio, with the help of an unsuspecting U.S. government. After almost being killed in a terrorist attack, Clete Clauson meets up with a band of vigilantes, including a conspiracy theorist, an eccentric librarian and a small boy. Clete, a 4’11” man who ironically works at his father’s big and tall men’s store in Cleveland, is being protected by guardian angels while meeting his divine destiny and the woman of his dreams.

They face the dangerous Medinese cult while experiencing a horrific spiritual battle. Clete’s faction, along with the boy’s mother and an alcoholic bus driver, who is forced to face her fears, go to extreme measures in an attempt to stop the terrorism and save the young martyrs.”

-Ronda Caudill



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3 responses to “Author Steven Applegate

  1. Steve Applegate

    Thank you so much for the review!

  2. You are so welcome. I really did enjoy the book. Good luck 🙂

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